Monday, April 26, 2010

ANIRDESHIYUM reply mails & Google chats

In all of his reply mails & chats he agreed that he received the money......

----- Forwarded Message ----
Sent: Wed, 3 March, 2010 12:59:12 PM
Subject: Money Recived From Western union

Dear Karunathan,

Money Received from Western Union thanks so much. Gold Delivery 6th of March is on Schedule only.

Anirdeshiyum Sankaran

Signore Metals Pvt Ltd
Call: 009 190 033 637 35
Fax: 009 180 668 858 50 /

Skype: signoremetals


From: Anirdeshiyum Sankaran 
Sent: Mon, April 12, 2010 4:27:39 PM
Subject: About the Scam mails
Dear Karunathan,

As i told you im not at all scared you go and take any legal action, i got big time cheated and loss big money but very soon i will settle the money always i told you. 

but today i was angry with your post

if you delete this i will settle the money. 

even my curse and my life spoiled will one day u will answer me.

even after this go and on and on as per law i will move hand over the money.

golddust: HELLO
me: yes tell me..
  for this posting will solve issue
  if you want play with my life
 3000 USD i can pay u back with all interetst
me: do u know you played my life?
golddust: im not at all
me: i lost my customer..
golddust: always i was mailing u i will pay back
me: i lost my business..
golddust: i can cover ur loss 100%
golddust: u can take out the add and u can post again if im not paying the money
  but after pay the money if u cant take out the add means
 just show me u can delete all the adds
  because i checked all the site u cant delete
  its perment post
 for perment post how u delete u tell me
  and show me  
me: all we can take is not a problem....after take out if u never pay me then where to find u?
  so many days u never called me or contact me..
golddust: its a mint work u can post again
 i told u im scard when i hold money i can call u
me: i m also scared..
golddust: posting u can make any time
  but i want see u can delete it or not
me: i know how to delete...
golddust: show me after u delete and i will accept
me: oh..i trust u so many u don't trust me..
golddust: trust is different
  because we site where u posted u cant delete
  u made big mistake
me: i trust u & send the give back money u put so many laws..
golddust: because of u
me: pls don't teach me...i know how to delete..
golddust: i want see then only
me: sorry..i don't trust u either..
golddust: ?
 and u want to talk to me u can talk but without delete i will not pay u
me: without pay me i cannot delete...
golddust: ok this will never get end
me: yes i know..
golddust: its ur money now u deside
  i know i can beg some day but not life long
 i know i can beg some day but not life long
  i know i can beg some day but not life long
 here ur posting is going to pay u please go ahead
me: ok..
golddust: ok thank u
if need any thing for posting i will send u
  thank u so much
me: i need money only....i m not interested to black list u...i will do as i say...not like u..
golddust: i cant belive here
me: if i take out the list sure i will do..
golddust: if u delete u will get it
me: ok then forget it..
golddust: 2morrow 3 pm i will be in my number u can call me any time
golddustur life time u cant post
  bye good bye

From: Anirdeshiyum Sankaran 
Sent: Wed, April 14, 2010 2:20:26 PM
Subject: About the money

Dear Karunathan,

Really sorry wat ever i did, but what ever your doing it to me is very very unfair.

here today 14th of April i can pay ur money on 19th of april but before that u have remove all the add from the net. if you really want money remove it if not ask the posting company will pay your money back.

here you have to think not and ur have started this posting game, even now if you goto police or FBI also i have money they also ask you to delete when i ready with money.

i dont want any funny answer if your family members really not having food and ur car has taken out from bank and any more think and do it

Anirdeshiyum Sankaran

From: Anirdeshiyum Sankaran 
Sent: Wed, April 14, 2010 2:42:57 PM
Subject: about the money
Dear Karunathan

Money is ready on 19th of april but u need taken out all the post what ever u posted.

here is the game u started and u have to delete all and not me. 

even u goto police or even FBI also when i ready to pay money u have to remove all nonsense because ur the one started all these nonsence.

this is the website is going to get the money or me.
Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 9:20 PM at G-mail chat:

me: i know how to handle...u no need to teach me..
golddust: good 
  ur going to loose not me
  im ready for any thing
me: bloody hell...u cheated me, now i know u will not give my money back...i m also ready...if u got guts, give me yr address...
golddust: u want my home address any thing i can give now because now i have money with me
me: studied high level education...
   but doing low level things..
golddust: 3 a swarnapuri apartments, opp vijaya bank, Mogappair west Chennai 600036
me: how do i know this is the real address..
  u gave a lot of fake addresses..
golddust: send any one and see
me: behave like a educated guy...
golddust: u can call my mobile now i will not pick and i will cut the call
me: i never created any problem..
golddust: delete all the post
me: u r the one created..
golddust: next movement u will get money this is my god promise
me: let us see...god will help me..i don't care about u..
golddust: if u wont delete u will always post in the web nothing u will get
me: i don't care..
golddust: good same god know me very well
  do what ever u want
me: i waited so long..u never did anything..
golddust: today onwords i dont care because money in my hand any police or FBI any one come i know how to handle
  In india having a Legal problem call as VIP's only
me: i know u r criminal & u don't bother about law..
golddust: i never bothered law and people
me: everybody knows u r like that..
golddust: i dont care
me: i also don't care..
golddust: good 3000 USD lose
  i know Barking dog will never bite

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